Our consumer advisory group – Speaking from Experience

Our consumer advisory group – Speaking from Experience

A consumer advisory group ensures that consumer perspectives are central to our services which support people subject to compulsory mental health treatment.

Our consumer advisory group Speaking from Experience is made up of ten consumers. While all members of the group have lived experience of the mental health system, their experiences have been diverse, and some members have utilised IMHA themselves. The group draws strength from the multiple perspectives offered and their experience guides Victoria Legal Aid’s two different but complementary services, the Mental Health and Disability Law team and Independent Mental Health Advocacy.

Speaking from experience has monthly meetings in which services, quality improvement and responsiveness is openly and honestly discussed. The group’s views and advice help shape and inform our approach and decisions.

Working within a human rights framework the group:

  • develops priorities for service improvements and plans to strengthen and support consumer leadership and engagement in partnership with the senior consumer consultants
  • scopes the need and feasibility of a consumer workforce
  • provides leadership into the development of staff training and education.

The group gave significant input and leadership over the Information and Self-Advocacy Project. Learn more about the project

More Information

For more information please contact Wanda Bennetts, Senior Consumer Consultant on (03) 9093 3725 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), or email Wanda.Bennetts@imha.vic.gov.au