Eligibility for our service

Eligibility for our service

We support people who are currently on a compulsory treatment order, either in the community or as an inpatient. These include:

  • an assessment order
  • a court assessment order
  • a temporary treatment order
  • a treatment order. 

Our service can also support:

  • people who are voluntary inpatients but who are at risk of being placed on a compulsory order
  • people in the first month after discharge from compulsory treatment
  • people who have been found unfit to stand trial or not guilty on the grounds of mental impairment and are being held in a designated mental health service
  • people on ‘secure treatment orders’ – who have been sentenced for an offence and are assessed as requiring compulsory treatment while they are in custody
  • people on supervision orders who are assessed as requiring compulsory mental health treatment.  

The best way to find out if you are eligible and the type of support we can provide is to contact us.

Contact us

Call us on 1300 947 820 between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday, use our our online form or email contact@imha.vic.gov.au.

If you are in hospital and can’t access a phone, ask a staff member or support person to get in touch with us on your behalf.