Independent Mental Health Advocacy

Assisting a consumer with medication and an exit plan

Thursday 7 October 2021 12:51am

Bogdan (not his real name) is in his 60’s and has two children.

Bogdan contacted IMHA for assistance after his treating team in the inpatient unit where he was living put him on medication that he did not want to take. Bogdan was told he would not be able to have any leave unless he took the medication, but when the medication was commenced he started to experience a lot of pain and had to use a wheelchair to move around.

Bogdan’s advocate Jane said ‘When I met with Bogdan it was clear he had multiple needs. The main one was that he did not feel he had been given enough involvement in decisions around his treatment, nor had he been supported to make decisions regarding treatment and recovery. He also had physical health needs that required some attention and he also lacked a clear discharge plan from the unit', she said.

Jane assisted Bogdan to understand his rights and how to self- advocate with his treating team. With her support he was able to stop taking the medication that made him feel unwell and his pain subsided.

‘It was so great to have Jane onboard. She looked at things from different perspectives and did not just focus on one aspect’, Bogdan said.

Bogdan’s advocacy then changed focus to support his preference for developing a clear discharge plan. ‘We arranged a meeting with myself, Bogdan and his treating team. In that meeting we worked together to develop a clear discharge plan’, said Jane. ‘Bogdan has now been discharged from the unit and is living in the community, waiting for longer term accommodation. It has been a privilege to work with Bogdan who trusted me enough to let me stand by his side and advocate for the things that were important to him’, she said.

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Reviewed 26 November 2021

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