New website improves access to justice for all Victorians

Our new website at is now live and will make finding legal information easier through an improved website design, better navigation and upgraded functionality.

Wednesday 18 May 2022 at 11:00 pm
Cartoon of new victoria legal aid website on smartphone, tablet and desktop computer

Our new website at is now live and will make finding legal information easier through an improved website design, better navigation and upgraded functionality. 

The new website shows how far we have come since we launched our 1999 and 2003 websites. 

Assisting users with new website features 

New features of the website include:   

  • improved navigation and search function, including a fly-out menu on every page, which allows users to jump deep into the website from any page 
  • a large search bar on the homepage and a prominent search field on every page 
  • clean, calm and uncluttered visual design which looks just as good on a smartphone as it does on a tablet or desktop PC to support the 60 per cent of our website visitors who view the website via their smartphone. 
  • interactive map of legal aid offices, community legal centres and partner firms that provide legal aid, supporting help seekers to find services. 

The website was designed with our users in the community in mind and has been shaped by extensive user testing with current and former clients, including people with experience of domestic violence, disability and mental health issues, people receiving social security benefits or currently unemployed, those with past experience as offenders and those who have previously received the support of legal representation. 

This has informed the creation of a website that delivers for their needs. 

Associate Director, Strategic Communications, Jasmine Fiegehen is proud of the new website and keen to see how it will assist our diverse users. 

‘Our new website is the  product of more than 18 months of work, has  been redesigned to best serve the community, and will improve access to justice for all Victorians. 

‘It provides a contemporary, interactive platform that allows users to help themselves by accessing easy-to-use legal information, engaging with our services digitally and connecting to legal assistance. 

‘It also delivers improved information architecture, updated content, a search function and navigation to guide users to information. This will make it quicker and easier for people to find, understand and use the legal information they require,' said Jasmine. 

Leveraging the benefits of a Single Digital Presence 

Our new website has been built in the Single Digital Presence (SDP) environment – a standardised website management system for Victorian Government websites that is user-centric, flexible, accessible, secure, fully supported and continually improved. 

It provides a more consistent and high quality user experience for Victorians accessing government information and services. 

The SDP platform will make it easier to provide ongoing maintenance for technical upgrades, accessibility, best practice standards and security compliance. 

If you have bookmarked pages from our old website, please note that some of these pages may have changed, and you will need to update your bookmarks. 

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