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A nominated person is somebody you nominate to receive information and support you while you are receiving treatment as a compulsory patient.
Watch our new videos about using advance statements and appointing a nominated person.
The film 'Madness made me' describes Mary O'Hagan's experiences in psychiatric hospitals when she was a young woman.
How making an advance statement or nominating a person to help represent your interests can help you.
Your rights if you have compulsory treatment.
Independent Mental Health Advocacy does not advocate on behalf of family members or carers, but we can refer you to other services.
In our first few months, most requests for our support have been focused on the desire for greater participation in decisions and changes in medications.
We offer a range of benefits to ensure your career is as rewarding as possible.
Building on the success of its first year, IMHA has continued to provide services to consumers across Victoria, including advocacy, coaching for self-advocacy, information and referral. Read our report on our second year.