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When you are on a compulsory treatment order you have the right to be involved in all decisions about your treatment, care and recovery.
If you have a mental illness a doctor may examine you and decide that you must receive treatment under a compulsory treatment order.
You must fit four criteria before any treatment order (temporary or longer) can be made.
Under the Mental Health Act 2014, anyone treating you must get your ‘informed consent’ before giving you treatment.
Find out about when electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) can be given and what you can do if you don't want this treatment.
If you no longer meet the criteria, the psychiatrist must revoke the order. You can ask the psychiatrist to assess you for this.
How making an advance statement or nominating a person to help represent your interests can help you.
Your rights if you have compulsory treatment.
An advance statement sets out what your preferences are for treatment, if you become so unwell that you require compulsory treatment.
If you are on a compulsory treatment order our advocates can support you to have your say about your assessment, treatment and recovery.