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New self-help tool for treatment and recovery

Tuesday 1 October 2019 7:03am

New self-help tool for treatment and recovery

We recently created a self-help tool to assist consumers of the mental health system in voicing their preferences regarding their treatment and recovery.

Independent Mental Health Advocacy Manager Helen Makregiorgos said the tool was a welcome addition to the tools consumers could use to exercise their rights under the Mental Health Act 2014

‘The tool has many benefits, primarily that is simple to use, accessible at any time, can be tailored to individual preferences and can be used to indicate views when meeting with mental health staff.

‘It also provides information, options and a plan for self-advocacy in key areas consumers often want to express their views and preference, such as medication issues, leave whilst in an inpatient unit and making complaints.

‘Ultimately, it helps consumers learn about their rights, find solutions to some of the most common issues in the mental health system, and create a personalised self-advocacy plan at the end.’

The tool has received positive feedback from consumers involved in it its development, including our Speaking from Experience advisory group, comprised of people with lived experience of the mental health system.

Helen also believes the launch of the tool is timely with the approach of Mental Health Week, and its theme of expanding the public’s knowledge and awareness of mental health.

‘Our self-help tool demonstrates that one of the critical aspects of mental health recovery is self-determination for people experiencing mental health issues.

‘This tool enables people to have control over how they decide to express their needs regarding their treatment and recovery.

‘It also increases the public’s awareness that people subject to compulsory treatment have rights, and may need supports such as the self-advocacy tool to exercise these rights within the mental health system,’ said Helen.

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Reviewed 22 July 2021

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