Independent Mental Health Advocacy

Worksheet - My Identity and keeping myself safe

Answering the following questions will give you the opportunity to think about and explore your identity before engaging with the NDIS.

You can use this worksheet in different ways. For example, you can enter text in the boxes. If you’d like to express yourself in another way, for example visually – then leave the box blank before printing it.

Speaking up for what you want can be challenging. You can use the IMHA self-advocacy modelExternal Link in combination with this worksheet to help you let people know what it is you want.

Use the print function to print this page or save it as a PDF. There is no option to send this information and it will not be saved by the website.

Please check the box next to any questions you would like to answer and a text box will appear.

Identity language and labels

Expressing yourself

It is your choice what aspects of your identity you choose to disclose and to whom.



Other resources

You can now print/save your information. If you have decided that the NDIS could be part of your life, you can take a look at the:

Reviewed 23 November 2022

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