Independent Mental Health Advocacy

What to expect from our service

What to expect from our service

Advocates can work with you and support you to speak for yourself. Consumers tell us that the most important thing about our service is that we only communicate what it is you want for your treatment and recovery. We will be ‘on your side’ to represent your views, wishes, preferences and concerns.

We will work with you and provide information so that you can be clear about what options are available to you. We will support you to develop the skills and confidence to advocate on your own behalf.

We will not judge you or tell you what we think you should do. We will value and respect your own lived experience of mental health issues or mental distress and listen to what you have to say.

When you have decided what would be most helpful for your recovery, we can support you to voice your views.

We do not take any action without your consent. We treat any information you give us as confidential, unless the law says otherwise.

We will respect your privacy and give you access to your personal information.

What advocates cannot do

We do not:

  • provide medical or legal advice
  • state a preference about any course of action you wish to take
  • try to convince you to make a decision or comply with actions that others believe is in your ‘best interests’
  • represent you at Mental Health Tribunal hearings
  • provide case management or advocate on behalf of carers.

While we will give you general information about your rights, we do not provide legal representation or specific advice about your situation.

If you require legal help, ask your advocate to put you in touch with Victoria Legal Aid.

Contact us

Call us on 1300 947 820 between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday, use our online form or email

If you are in hospital and can’t access a phone, ask a staff member or support person to get in touch with us on your behalf.

Reviewed 01 December 2021


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