Independent Mental Health Advocacy

Information for families and carers

Information for families and carers

Information for families and carers

Independent Mental Health Advocacy is a service which supports people who are receiving, or at risk of receiving, compulsory psychiatric treatment. We are not funded to work with family members or carers and cannot advocate on your behalf.

The Mental Health Act and the role of families and carers

The Mental Health Act 2014 recognises and supports the important role of carers and families in supporting their family member in their assessment, treatment and recovery.

If you are a carer or family member, visit the Department of Health and Human Services websiteExternal Link for information on what the law says about:

  • how and when your views as a carer are considered
  • when you must be notified of changes to treatment orders or other treatment
  • information sharing and disclosure to carers and family members
  • the roles of 'nominated persons' and carers.

These organisations may be able to assist:

To hear about carer and family member experiences of using supported decision-making to care for someone, visit Healthtalk Australia's digital resource Mental Health: Carers' Experiences.External Link

Getting support for a family member

To find out whether we can assist a family member or a person that you are caring for, call us on 1300 947 820 between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday, use our online contact form or email

Reviewed 01 December 2021


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