Examples of our advocacy

Examples of our advocacy

Tricia's story

'Tricia' (not her real name) contacted us for help. She wanted to advocate on her own behalf about her preference to remain on oral medication rather than the proposed depot (this is a way of giving a medication via injection).

We firstly assisted her to self-advocate by providing information about the Mental Health and Wellbeing Principles and her rights under the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act.

Tricia and her advocate worked to prepare notes that she could use during her meeting with her psychiatrist.

The advocate also attended the meeting between Tricia and her psychiatrist.

Tricia discussed her preference for oral medication, and how this was her least restrictive treatment option. The psychiatrist agreed and Tricia's medication was changed.

Tricia told us: 'The experience felt very different with someone supporting me and being on my side.'

Mohamed's story

'Mohamed' (not his real name) had his first contact with the mental health system and was placed on an assessment order.

Mohamed's father contacted our phone line and spoke with one of our advocates, as well as supporting his son to speak with them.

Both Mohamed and his father were distressed as they didn't understand what was happening.

Our advocate provided information about Mohamed's rights, the sorts of orders that can be made under the Act, and how the mental health system works.

Mohamed was discharged the following day on a temporary treatment order.

He and his dad contacted us afterwards to say that our support had made 'a huge difference' at a very distressing and confusing time.